The Call belongs under the Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy work programme.

The Arctic Dimension

Proposals are invited under the following topics:

Expected Impact:
  • Improve the capacity to predict the impacts of permafrost thawing, both sub-sea and on land, identify and reduce uncertainties, and quantify key processes not currently or poorly represented in predictive models;
  • Develop capacity to manage risks and to take advantage of opportunities emerging from Arctic changes;
  • Promote the engagement of and interaction with residents of Arctic coastal communities and indigenous societies and develop a legacy of collaborative community involvement with scientific, economic, and societal actors and stakeholders on the development of Responsible Research and Innovation agendas that meet their concerns and expectations;
  • Contribute to the ongoing and possible future OSPAR actions in Arctic water
  • Improve the professional skills and competences for those working and being trained to work within this subject area.

Type of Action: Research and Innovation action

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