Léa was deeply motivated by coming to Arkhangelsk office in order to learn more about UArctic, its work,  ethics and values. Studying political sciences in Sciences Po University, in the Central and Eastern European Campus of Dijon, she decided to go to Russia as an exchange student for one year and entered Saint-Petersburg State University, the faculty of International Relations.  Léa can speak English, Russian, she also knows basics of Polish and Spanish.

 Léa is particularly enthusiastic about the Arctic region, a fragile but essential area, very complex to apprehend. She is interested in tackling environmental and human rights issues, and believes this can be done through international cooperation. During the following weeks, Lea's plan in Arkhangelsk is to be absorbed in the essence of the region, its people and beauty, and to acquire more knowledge about the Arctic.

 Lea's perspective for the future can be summed up like following: a long-term «commitment to a global cause with international spin-offs».