The Calotte Academy 2018 ‘Discourses on the Arctic – (inter)disciplinary theories and methods of Arctic research’ will be organized in June 4-10, 2018 (tbc) in Rovaniemi, Salla and Inari, Finland; Kirkenes and Neiden, Norway; Apatity, Lovozero and Murmansk, Russia. Abstract submission deadline: February 15, 2018.

CAFF and IASC, in partnership with APECS, are looking for two CAFF-IASC Fellows in this inaugural year. Fellows will identify a joint area of interest and expertise, participate in and contribute to CAFF’s work, and produce some culminating output. Application deadline: 15 Dec 2017 at 23:59 GMT.

The Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland is taking part in a new two-year project (2017–2018) with the objective of enhancing better and suitable employment for immigrant women. The project will produce practical approaches that employers and companies can implement, and identify possibilities for networking between imm...

The new portal at will be continuously updated with new information as we get closer to the second UArctic Congress, organized in Oulu and Helsinki, Finland on September 3-7, 2018.

The International Summer School (ISS) offers 14 Bachelor's courses focusing mainly on Norwegian language, culture and society, and 7 Master's courses on topics of broad international interest, including a course called "A Changing Arctic". The ISS is organized at the University of Oslo (Norway), June 23 - August 3, 2018.