Janus originates from the western part of Jutland, a rural region where the nature is a big part of everyday life. Traveling has always been in his blood, starting with long road trip with his parents to backpacking in the US, Asia and Australia. The greatest motivators have always been experiencing the great outdoors, living and working abroad acquiring first-hand understanding of foreign cultures and countries and now his path has lead him to Finland.

After finishing his bachelor in European Studies from SDU, Janus elected to work with the Arctic region. Attending Aalborg University he specialized in Arctic Studies, and moved to Nuuk, Greenland on his 9th semester, working at Greenland Business as their communications intern. In addtion

While the stay in Greenland also offered many exciting experiences, exploring the city, its people and the surrounding areas, was a great treat.

He learned through Aalborg University and his time in Greenland, that the Arctic is where his true passion lies. The region offers a wide range of challenges and possibilities, such as cultural and financial development, the increasing globalization, climate change and how these topics affects the Arctic region. His biggest passion is being part of developing the Arctic region, UArctic offers this opportunity through education and cooperation across borders.

As an intern at the UArctic Secretariat, Janus will obtain first-hand experiences concerning Arctic related issues, development, education, cooperation, what type of research that is conducted and much more.


His internship will end on the 31st of December 2018.


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