The season for the Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI) is approaching once again! More than 160 world-leading researchers from overseas will gather at Hokkaido University this summer for the HSI, which was established in 2016. HSI provides lectures with the university’s faculty members for four months during the summer.

Thanks to the north2north scholarship programme, Giuseppe Amatulli, PhD. student at Durham University, and part of the Thematic Network on Arctic Sustainable Resources and Social Responsibility, went on a staff mobility trip to the Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

Danish Agency for Higher Education (DAFSHE) is funding the project Sustainable Tourism Development in the Nordic Arctic. The Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics at University of Southern Denmark (SDU) is spearheading the project, examining the effects of Arctic economies broadening from resource extr...

Improve your knowledge about Arctic issues and people by studying and experiencing life in another circumpolar institution. north2north mobility program enables you to experience life in another North while gaining international competencies that will benefit your future career and academic endeavours. 

The Board of Governors of UArctic gathered in Hanover for the annual board meeting, the meeting was hosted by Darthmouth College and took place from November 29 to December 1, 2018. The Board discussed legal review and fundraising, where GG+A led a fundraising workshop.

In November 2018, Prof. Timothy Skinner from the University of Copenhagen went to the University of Akureyri, Iceland, on a north2north staff mobility stay. The purpose of the stay was to visit the School of Health Science.

The Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education (DAFSHE) approved and is funding The Thematic Network on Northern Nursing Education new project: Interprofessional Education as an Innovative Pathway for a Culturally Relevant Health Workforce: A Greenlandic Model. The project is a collaboration between, University of Saskatc...